Fabbri Art Award - 2009
Fabbri Art Award - 2009

The third edition of the Fabbri Art Award was held in 2009. Recognition went to the work Oasi by Vincenzo Cabiati from Savona, also known as a ceramist and sculptor, who has been exhibiting all over the world since 1986; to the canvas Amarené, a "story in images" set in the 1950s created by one of the protagonists of the new Roman school, Gioacchino Pontrelli; and to the resin sculpture Stabilimento by the young Sicilian artist Marco Prestia

A lifetime achievement award honored the Friulian painter Walter Fusi, a historical master who went through the whole season after the Second World War, and his work Amaro dolce. Special mention, instead, for Adriana Albertini and her installation Sweet Explosion/Dolce Esplosione

The other signatures of this third edition of the Fabbri Art Award are those of Flavio Favelli, Eloisa Gobbo, Paolo Maione, Francesca Tulli for sculpture; for photography Sabine Delafon, mido, Luisa Raffaelli, Mario Taddei; and for painting Roberto Coda Zabetta, Marco Colazzo, Francesca Forcella, Riccardo Gavazzi, Luca Giovagnoli, Elena Monzo, Roberta Savelli. 

Francesca Tulli Francesca Tulli

La lama dei tuoi capelli dischiude dolci crudeltà

Mario Taddei Mario Taddei

Vasi Fabbri

Roberta Savelli Roberta Savelli

Amare Tim Burton

Luisa Raffaelli Luisa Raffaelli

Amaramente l’amerà

Marco Prestia Marco Prestia

Stabilimento - Winner of the Fabbri Art Award 2009

Gioacchino Pontrelli Gioacchino Pontrelli

Amarené - Winner of the Fabbri Art Award 2009

Elena Monzo Elena Monzo

Bacio di gusto

Mido Mido

28-06-2009 24

Paolo Maione Paolo Maione

Con spirito

Luca Giovagnoli Luca Giovagnoli


Eloisa Gobbo Eloisa Gobbo


Riccardo Gavazzi Riccardo Gavazzi

King for Fabbri

Walter Fusi Walter Fusi

Amaro dolce

Francesca Forcella Francesca Forcella

Senza titolo

Flavio Favelli Flavio Favelli

China Black

Sabine Delafon Sabine Delafon

Fabbri and me

Marco Colazzo Marco Colazzo

Tutti i mondi è paese

Roberto Coda Zabetta Roberto Coda Zabetta

Stupore occidentale per una nuova creazione orientale

Vincenzo Cabiati Vincenzo Cabiati

Oasi - Vincitore Premio Fabbri Per L'Arte 2009

Adriana Albertini Adriana Albertini

Dolce Esplosione (Sweet Esplosion)