Fabbri Art Award - 2007
Fabbri Art Award - 2007

The second edition of the Fabbri Art Award was held in 2007. Twelve internationally renowned artists were called upon to interpret the inspirational themes of the company, which for over a century, with its famous Amarena and many other specialties, has been present on the Italian scene and is increasingly making a name for itself on the international scene. 

The exhibition, inaugurated on October 27th, saw the participation of prominent names in the artistic world such as the irreverent authors of the ConiglioViola collective, Paolo Maggis with the physicality of his paintings, the "smiling wickedness" of Antonio Riello, the anthropomorphism of Giovanni Ruggiero's intro-reliefs and the cultured irony of Vanni Cuoghi. The exhibition also included the works of the young artist Matteo Bergamasco, rich in bright colors, the mystical-dreamlike visions of Davide Coltro, the alchemy of the engravings of Marcello Jori as well as the installations of the young Nero (Alessandro Neretti). The human figure becomes the protagonist in the original and provocative ceramics of Andrea Salvatori, in the sensual features of Nicola Samorì, in the photographic diptychs of Nicola Vinci and in the playful Renaissance profile of Adriano Tetti (Mistiche Nutelle). A figure that we also find in the metropolitan scenarios of Luca Zampetti or in the more intimate ones of Massimiliano Zaffino

Luca Zampetti Luca Zampetti

Neanche lì poteva rinunciare alle sue amarene (Not even there could she renounce her cherries)

Massimiliano Zaffino Massimiliano Zaffino

Serena all’Amarena ’07 (Cherry Serena)

Nicola Vinci Nicola Vinci

Good Morning

Adriano Tetti (Mistiche Nutelle) Adriano Tetti (Mistiche Nutelle)

Ecce Nocciolo

Nicola Samorì Nicola Samorì

Senza titolo (Titleless)

Andrea Salvatori Andrea Salvatori

Senza titolo (Titleless)

Giovanni Ruggiero Giovanni Ruggiero


Antonio Riello Antonio Riello

Kalashnikov Amarenato

Giuseppe Rado Giuseppe Rado

Amarena liberi tutti - Winner Of The Fabbri Art Award 2007

Nero (Alessandro Neretti) Nero (Alessandro Neretti)

Nuclear taste ovvero bontà devastante (Nuclear taste, that is, devastating goodness)

Marcello Jori Marcello Jori

Gioie Fabbri (Fabbri jewels)

Paolo Maggis Paolo Maggis

Sweet Cherry

Michelangelo Galliani Michelangelo Galliani

Ancora Una (One more) - Winner Of The Fabbri Art Award 2007

Andrea Di Marco Andrea Di Marco

Peso dolce (Sweet burden) - Winner Of The Fabbri Art Award 2007

Vanni Cuoghi Vanni Cuoghi

Amare(u)na idea (To love an idea)

ConiglioViola ConiglioViola


Davide Coltro Davide Coltro

Avvistamento in prossimità di Portomaggiore (Sighting in the proximity of Portomaggiore)

Matteo Bergamasco Matteo Bergamasco

Fabbrica Fabbri