The collection and editions of the Prize

The works at the Fabbri Art Prize belong to a prestigious collection, held at the company’s art gallery. Photography and sculpture, painting and all other forms of artistic expression – at each edition the artists have used a variety of techniques to creatively reinterpret our world, our symbols and thus create a new chapter in a never-ending story.

Twenty-eight artists exhibited at the first event, and their works have since been shown at the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts and the Shanghai Institute of Italian Culture. At the second event, eighteen followed by twenty at the third: the artists depicted, photographed, and developed the Fabbri company’s symbols and values: together, these works tell the story of Fabbri and of Italian contemporary art. Since 2005, there have been six editions of the Fabbri Art Prize, each one made special by the many artists who have sought to capture our passion.

Enjoy the flavours of the artwork, edition after edition, on the website dedicated to the Fabbri Art Prize: find out all about each edition.