Monoportion Nutty


Nougat Mousse 

  • 500 g cream  
  • 75 g Moussecream  
  • 40/50 g Delipaste Nougat (or Nougat)  
  • 40 g Pastovopan/Pastovocrem  



  • 400 g Pastovopan 
  • 100 g sugar  
  • 80 g rice starch  
  • 900 g whole milk  
  • 100 g cream  
  • 10 g Delipaste Vanilla Super

Almond and Nutty biscuits

  • 500 g Fabbri Almond Paste  
  • 250 g eggs  
  • 125 g butter  
  • 100 g Nutty  
  • 25 g flour  
  • 8 g cocoa  
Monoportion Nutty


Nougat Mousse

Heat 100 g of cream to 40°-50°C, add the Moussecream and mix in the Pastovopan (or Pastovocrem). Pour the resulting mixture over the remaining cream, cool in the freezer for a few minutes and whip for one minute at low speed until it is soft and fluffy. Lastly, add the Delipaste Nougat. 


Bring the milk, Delipaste Vanilla and cream to the boil. Separately, mix the Pastovopan with the sugar and rice starch. Combine the two mixtures and bring to the boil. Pour into a bowl, cover with film and blast chill to a positive temperature. 

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