Maracuja Cake


Chocolate mousse  

  • 500 g cream 
  • 60 g Pannamousse  
  • 35 g Pate à bombe 
  • 50 g Delipaste Chocolate 
  • 50 g milk 
  • Biscuit 

  • 300 g Pastovopan 
  • 200 g flour 
  • 50 g starch 
  • 300 g egg white 
  • 150 g sugar

Vanilla Bavarian cream  

  • 400 g milk 
  • 90 g Pannamousse 
  • 100 g Delipaste Vanilla 
  • 200 g Pastovopan 
  • 750 g semi-whipped cream 


Chocolate mousse  

Heat the milk and add it to the Delipaste Chocolate. Mix thoroughly and continue heating to make a creamy, smooth ganache. Add the Pannamousse to the cold cream. Stir to dissolve the powders. Add Pate à Bombe and semi-whip. Add the ganache by the spoonful or directly in the planetary mixer to form a creamy mousse.  

Vanilla Bavarian cream  

Heat the milk to 60°C, add the Pannamousse and rehydrate it. Then add the Pastovopan and Vanilla Delipaste a little at a time, stirring gently from the bottom up at 20/25°C. Cool to 12°-15°C, add the semi-whipped cream and stir.   


Whip the Pastovopan. Separately, beat the egg whites with the sugar. Incorporate the Pastovopan into the egg whites. Sift the flour and starch and add a little at a time. Roll out into a mat about until 7 mm thick and bake in the oven at 240° with the valve closed for about 6 minutes.  


Assemble the cake upside down for better glazing. Prepare an insert using a mould 2cm smaller than the cake. Pour the Vanilla Bavarian Cream into it and close with a disc of biscuit rippled with Fabbri Marbling Maracuja.  
Arrange the chocolate mousse in a circle, or in a silicone mould, filling the mould halfway. Then place the previously made insert inside it. Fill with the remaining chocolate mousse and place a disc of biscuit rippled with Crockantella on top. Glaze the cake with Neutral Nappage heated to about 45°C. Marble with Marbling Maracuja and garnish.  

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