Ancora Una

  • 400 g milk   
  • 750 g semi-whipped cream 
  • 200 g Pastovopan 
  • 200 g Moussecream+5 
  • 120 g Delipaste Pure Pistachio 
  • Crockoloso Almonds and Pine Nuts to taste 
  • Croccante Pistachio to taste  
  • Nappage Amarena Fabbri to taste       
  • Amarena Fabbri to taste 


Heat the milk to 60°C, add the Moussecream+5 and mix well. Add the Pastovopan and Delipaste Pistachio. Cool to 12°-15°C. Add the semi-whipped cream.  


Place a layer of Crockoloso Almonds and Pine Nuts on the bottom of the glass, then add a layer of pistachio Bavarian cream. Cool rapidly and top with Nappage Amarena Fabbri heated to around 45°C. Decorate with Croccante Pistachio, cocoa nibs and an Amarena Fabbri. 

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