Dosage for 5 portions 

  • Top gold to taste 
  • 5 Amarena  
  • Nappage to taste 
  • 46 g Mascarpiù  
  • 26 g Patè à bombe  
  • 328 g Fresh cream  


Pour the ingredients into the planetary mixer and whip the mousse. Using cream and Pate à Bombe A +5° C. Pour the mousse into the mould, filling it 1/3 full. Place ½ Amarena Fabbri in the centre of each portion. 

Using a piping bag, fill the centre of the mousse with Fabbri Gourmet Sauce Amarena with fruit pieces. Add the mousse until it fills the mould, levelling the top with a spatula. 

After blast chilling the single portions to -30°/-45° C, remove them from the mould and place them on a glazing tray. Heat the glaze in the microwave to +35°/+45° C and glaze the individual servings. 

Place the individual servings in the chocolate basket. Using the hammered mould, make the chocolate stalks. Create a small channel for inserting the chocolate stalk. 

Serve at +5°C.

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