Amarè Mignon


Light almond mousse  

  • 500 g milk 
  • 15 g gelatine 
  • 475 g white chocolate 
  • 900 g cream 
  • 100 g Delipaste Roasted Almond  
  • 23 g brewer's yeast 
  • 180 g egg yolks 
  • 80 g icing sugar 
  • 10 g Delipaste Vanilla Super 
  • 380 g manitoba flour 
  • 190 g lukewarm milk  
  • 110 g melted butter 

Red anhydrous glaze 

  • 500 g white chocolate 
  • 15 g red cocoa butter 
  • 60 g rice oil 


Light almond mousse  

Heat the milk and dissolve the rehydrated gelatine in it. Emulsify over the chocolate and the Delipaste Roasted Almond, then at 35°C add the semi-whipped cream. Pour immediately into silicone moulds.  

Red anhydrous icing  

Melt the white chocolate and coloured cocoa butter, then emulsify with rice oil.  


Pour the light almond mousse into a silicone mould, adding a whole, well-drained Amarena Fabbri. Blast chill to a negative temperature. Remove from the mould and glaze immediately with the anhydrous glaze. Finish with a stalk and a gold leaf.  

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