Always perfect sweets!

For cakes, chilled pastries and fruit. To each his own!

5 product lines, variety of flavours, colours and textures for a mouth-watering confectionery showcase.

Fabbri Glazes and Nappages are the finishing touch to many desserts and semifreddos.
Glossy, shiny toppings that give desserts an irresistible appearance.
Delicately flavoured, they remain bright and shiny even at negative temperatures and are always perfect when cut.

Delicious and irresistible chocolate creams with the unmistakable flavour of the most popular snacks.
Perfect for frosting cakes, mousses and semifreddos, they form a tasty coating with an enveloping, creamy texture.
They are also perfect as inserts.

Ideal gelatine for covering fruit cakes and semifreddos.
It gives a shiny appearance to the dessert and allows the fruit to appear freshly cut for several hours, even at room temperature.
It is ideal for marbling and writing on desserts.
Also available as a Spray for perfect and constant product presentation.

Transparent apricot-flavoured gelatine, ideal for providing a glossy appearance to desserts decorated with fruit.
Easily applied when hot, it has perfect transparency and a quick hold on the cake.

A ready-to-use concentrated paste with 40% almonds.
Suitable for baking, it can be used to fill pastries or other desserts.