Strained Fruits and Purées

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A range of delicious fruit preserves specifically for baked desserts: they don't boil during cooking.


Rich in fruit pieces, more than 95%, Fabbri's Fillings are specially designed to meet the demands of the most demanding professionals. They are PERFECT for both cold processing and baked goods. You can find them in different flavours: Amarena Classica, Amarena Brusca, Amarena Prugnolata and Fragolosa. They are delicious because they are made from top-quality fruit and are excellent for tarts and as fillings for croissants or sponge cakes. They retain their unmistakable flavour even after baking.


Fabbri's fruit purées, which are fruit purées without pieces of fruit, are made from fruit of the highest quality and at the right point of ripeness. The quality of the product is particularly appreciated when they are used to prepare baked desserts: they keep their fragrance intact and do not overflow during cooking. They are creamy and therefore spreadable and easy to work with. They are ideal for preparing croissants, tarts and all other baked goods.