Sweet sauces for all tastes!

Creamy or crunchy, with fruit or cream, the TOP of taste!

Fabbri's Gourmet Sauces are delicious, sweet sauces for decorating and filling all pastry and ice cream creations. The special formulation increases their viscosity when in contact with ice cream, making them excellent for variegating ice cream in both containers and cups.

In pastry shops and restaurants, they are ideal for decorating and enhancing fruit salads, semifreddos, mousses and plated desserts.

Flexible dispensers with non-drip membrane stoppers make them a practical and functional ally for completing the presentation of desserts and giving life and flavour to ice creams and desserts.

The Gourmet Sauces are the Top of the Top because:

  • They are produced in Italy.
  • They are all Gluten-Free.
  • They do not contain hydrogenated vegetable fats.

The Fabbri Gourmet Sauce range is available in 3 different ranges and over 37 flavours.

Sweet, smooth and chunky sauces, 30 flavours of creams and fruits

A line of premium sauces made from a selection of premium ingredients.

Special crunchy decoration for fruits, desserts and frozen foods. Soft and creamy as you pour it, in contact with the cold it turns into a crispy and delicious decoration perfect for ice creams, desserts, fruit skewers and fruit salads. It is also special for decorating cocktails, long drinks, frappes and liqueurs.

Available in Chocolate and White Chocolate flavours.