Amarena Fabbri

The original since 1915, unique and inimitable.

A customer favourite, always!

Amarena Fabbri is made from a careful selection of the best black cherries, pitted and semi-candied in syrup according to the founder's original recipe, which has been handed down from generation to generation since 1915.

Today, as in the past, it remains a consumer favourite because of its distinctive, inimitable flavour, as well as its centuries-old history, which makes it an icon of Italian taste. It has always been a symbol of Fabbri1905's quality and tradition, and thanks to its versatility, it boasts countless uses in pastry making, including many applications for preparing baked goods and customizing every creation.

Irreplaceable in ice cream making for variegating ice cream

It is available in 4 ­varieties­: in syrup, drained, whole and in pieces. Its unique taste is also available in Filling, Puree, Nappage and Topping ­versions.