Seven Senses

  • 750 g Simplé Dark Chocolate  
  • 1250 g water  
  • 1000 g plain base  
  • 100 g Delipaste Hazelnut Export  
  • 20 g dextrose   
  • 100 g milk  
  • Nutty Hazelnut and Cocoa to taste.  
  • Crockolosi Biscotto Crock to taste  
  • Fabbri Chocolate Glaze to taste                  
  • sponge cake to taste  


Prepare the Hazelnut gelato. Mix the plain base with the Delipaste Hazelnut Export, the milk and the dextrose and then churn. Prepare a second dark chocolate gelato. Combine boiling water and Simplé Dark Chocolate. Leave to rest for about 20 minutes and then churn. Construct the layered tub in the following order: sponge cake, chocolate gelato, Crockolosi Biscotto Crock, sponge cake, hazelnut gelato, Nutty Hazelnut and Cocoa and Chocolate Glaze. 

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