Amarena Fabbri Crunchy Stick

  • 300 g Base for sticks 
  • 1000 g cream 
  • Marbling Amarena Fabbri to taste  
  • Dark Chocolate Coating to taste  
  • Chopped hazelnuts to taste 
Amarena Fabbri Crunchy Stick


Whip the cream with the Base for sticks for one minute. Using a piping bag or spatula, fill the silicone moulds, taking care to leave the central part at a lower level than the edges, into which the Marbling Amarena Fabbri will be inserted. At this point insert the wooden stick and place in the blast chiller for a few minutes. Fill with gelato, then put back in the blast chiller for about 20/30 minutes.  
In the meantime, heat the Dark Chocolate Coating for sticks in a bain-marie in a tall, narrow container. Separately, place the chopped hazelnuts in a large bowl. Remove the sticks from the mould, dip them in the coating and then dip them immediately in the chopped hazelnuts. Place in the freezer for a few more minutes before displaying.  

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