Saint Honoré

Saint-Honoré is one of the most famous Parisian specialities in the world. It is made with a puff pastry and sponge base, filled with chiboust cream, chocolate and fresh cream and decorated with cream puffs dipped in a thin layer of caramel. 

Saint Honoré


  • 1 kg plain base 
  • 50 g Delipaste Nonna Rachele 
  • 50 g Pastovopan 
  • 100 g milk 
  • Nutty Salted Butter Caramel to taste 
  • Crockoloso Cioccobianco and Meringues to taste 
  • crumbled puff pastry to taste 
  • cream to taste 
  • caramel-glazed puffs to taste 

For the gelato  

Mix the plain base with Delipaste Nonna Rachele, Pastovopan and milk. Then churn the mixture. 

For the garnish 

Ripple during the extraction process and garnish with Crockoloso Cioccobianco and Meringues, Nutty Salted Buttery Caramel, crumbled puff pastry, cream and caramel-glazed puffs.