Pastiera is a traditional Neapolitan tart made of shortcrust pastry, cooked wheat and a ricotta and candied fruit filling. 



  • 1 kg plain base 
  • 65 g Delipaste Nonna Rachele 
  • 500 g ricotta 
  • 150 g cooked wheat 
  • Marbling Citron and Turmeric to taste 
  • shortcrust pastry to taste 
  • slices of Pastiera to taste 

For the gelato


Mix the white base with Nonna Rachele Delipaste, ricotta and cooked wheat. Then stir in.

For the garnish

Variegate in extraction and decorate with Variegato Cedro and Curcuma, crumbled shortcrust pastry and slices of Pastiera.