Pandoro allo Zabaione

One of the most popular Italian Christmas desserts, Pandoro is a soft, star-shaped leavened cake covered with plenty of icing sugar. It is often served with custard or zabaione. 

Pandoro allo Zabaione


  • 1 kg plain base 
  • 80 g Delipaste Nonna Rachele 
  • 80 g milk 
  • Topping Zabaione to taste 
  • icing sugar to taste 
  • slices of Pandoro to taste 

For the gelato 

Mix the plain base with Delipaste Nonna Rachele and the milk. 

For the garnish  

Ripple during the extraction process and garnish with Topping Zabaione, icing sugar and slices of Pandoro.