Focaccia della Befana

Very soft brioche in the shape of the sun, filled with candied fruit and covered with granulated sugar. Tradition has it that a coin is hidden inside the Focaccia della Befana and whoever finds it will have good luck all year long. 

Focaccia della Befana


  • 1 kg plain base 
  • 60 g Delipaste Nonna Rachele 
  • 60 g milk 
  • Marbling Orange with fruit pieces to taste 
  • Marbling Citron and Turmeric to taste 
  • granulated sugar to taste 
  • focaccia slices to taste

For the gelato 

Mix the plain base with Delipaste Nonna Rachele and milk. 

For the garnish  

Ripple during the extraction process and garnish with Marbling Orange, Marbling Citron and Turmeric, granulated sugar and slices of focaccia.