Fetta Biscottata

The Fetta Biscottata (twice-baked bread biscuit, plural fette biscottate) is similar to bread, but crunchy like a breadstick. It is rich in starch, fibre, and a number of vitamins and minerals. A very healthy treat and a great snack at any time of day.

Fetta Biscottata


  • 1 l plain base 
  • 50 g Nonna Rachele paste 
  • 30 g fresh cream 
  • 150 g crumbled fette biscottate 
  • apricot jam to taste 
  • whole fette biscottate to taste 
  • 10 g dextrose 

For the gelato 

Mix the plain base with Nonna Rachele Paste, the crumbled fette biscottate and the fresh cream, then churn the mixture. 

For the garnish 

During the extraction process, ripple with apricot jam and whole fette biscottate.