Classic Sacher

A typical Austrian chocolate cake, made with two layers of chocolate sponge spread with apricot jam in the middle. The whole cake is then covered with a dark chocolate icing. 

Classic Sacher


  • 1 l Fabbri Gran Cioccolato Base 
  • 50 g Nonna Rachele paste 
  • 60 g milk 
  • Nutty Nero to taste 
  • apricot jam to taste 
  • chocolate biscuits to taste 
  • Fabbri Kroccant to taste 

For the gelato 

Mix Fabbri Gran Cioccolato base with Nonna Rachele Paste and milk, then churn the mixture. 

For the garnish 

During the extraction process, ripple the gelato with apricot jam, Fabbri Kroccant and chocolate biscuits. Top with chocolate biscuits, Nutty Nero and/or Fabbri Kroccant. 

Nonna’s tips 

If you make a flat layered tub, you should write Sacher with a rounded S on the top of the upper layer, in keeping with the Viennese tradition.