A variant of the Santarosa sfogliatella, the aragostella or “lobster tail” is a Neapolitan dessert made of crispy puff pastry with a surprising filling. 



  • 1 l plain base 
  • 50 g Nonna Rachele paste 
  • 50 g fresh goat’s milk ricotta 
  • 1 pinch of salt 
  • chocolate chips to taste 
  • crumbled puff pastry to taste 
  • Amarena Fabbri to taste 

    For the gelato 

    Mix the plain base with Nonna Rachele paste, salt and fresh ricotta, then churn the mixture. 

    For the garnish 

    During the extraction process, enrich with chocolate chips and crumbled pastry. Lastly, add Amarena Fabbri.

    Nonna’s tips 

    Add mini aragostella pastries directly to the tub.