Nonna Rachele

A balanced paste which’s ingredients are skillfully mixed to bring to mind the taste of butter, eggs, flour, and sugar.

Nonna Rachele
The Story

A story that starts from far away

Not too long ago, making a cake was something special. Nonna Rachele, Gennaro Fabbri’s wife, made her cakes with love and dedication.

Since then, her recipes have been handed down to the family’s fifth generation and transformed into new products that evoke the same unmistakable taste and atmosphere.
“Nonna Rachele” is a perfectly balanced paste to create the basic flavour for all confectionery preparations. Perfect for the Gelato version of traditional desserts.

With “Nonna Rachele”, every professional artisanal Gelato maker can transform the best pastries of their family tradition into Gelato to continue the story of passion and love which inspired Nonna Rachele so many years ago.

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