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Top Gelée Neutro



Ready-to-use jelly, ideal for covering and decorating cakes, fruit tarts and frozen desserts. It maintains its characteristics even at a temperature of -18°; therefore it is suitable for polishing and decorating semifreddos as well as traditional pastry.

Applied as a thin icing on mousses or frozen desserts, it prevents the dessert from dehydrating, avoiding the formation of cracks or imperfections, as well as protecting it from the absorption of odours. The neutral taste allows you to enhance the flavor of sweets, making them brilliant and perfect when cut.

How to use:

Top geleé neutral is ready to use, it does not need to be heated, it is sufficient to slowly mix the product in its can with a spoon.

It can be used on fresh fruit to polish it, slowing down its dehydration, and it can also be used as a thin icing for semifreddos or mousses, thus allowing the dessert to be enhanced in its layering (such as in the case of a three-chocolate mousse).

2 Gluten Free
Top Gelée Neutro
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