Pistacho Nutty Wow



A mouth-watering, enveloping and versatile cream with a high pistachio content (35%).

It is also rich in cocoa butter and has a clean label: no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no palm oil.

Like all Nutty is truly irresistible and extremely versatile.

In gelato it is ideal for use as is in tubs. Thanks to its WOW formula it remains soft and scoopable even at negative temperatures.

Nutty Wow Pistachio is also a delicious variegation, as an insert or topping for cremini and a new proposal as the inside of cones.

In pastry you can use it as an ingredient for covering panettone cakes or to make an alluring glaze in cold pastries.

2 Gluten Free 3 Palm Oil Free 9 Free From
Pistacho Nutty Wow
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    PISTAChiO (35%)