2PA - Semifreddi, dessert e gelato caldo, 2PA - Uovo pastorizzato

Pate à Bombe



Pate à bombe is a basic artisan pastry recipe used to pasteurise eggs in cold preparations such as semifreddos, parfaits, mousses and tiramisus. The traditional process is very time-consuming, impractical and unhygienic as fresh eggs are used.

Fabbri Pate à bombe is a pasteurized egg product that is ideal for making excellent semifreddos in just one step. Simply combine all the very cold ingredients (cream, Pate à bombe, Fabbri Delipaste flavour and stabilizer (Fabbri Pannamousse), place them in a mixer and whip for about 6 minutes. The resulting semifreddo remains soft when cut at -18° degrees.

✔ 1 single process and not 2 separate whiskings
✔ ideal for all egg-based preparations such as TIRAMISU
✔ excellent yield in terms of volume
✔ storage and serving at -18°C
✔ after opening, the product will keep in the refrigerator for 1 MONTH.

Fabbri's Pate à bombe is also ideal for making hazelnut, Gianduja and chocolate flavoured ice cream (i.e., those rich in fat) lighter, fluffier and easier to spread.
Simply add Pate à bombe at a dosage of 40-50 g per kg of mixture.

2 Gluten Free 3 Palm Oil Free 6 Halal Italia
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    Egg Yolk (34%)