2PA - Altre specialità per la Pasticceria, 2PA - Semifreddi, dessert e gelato caldo

Vegan Base for Pan di Spagna and shortcrust pastry



A powder base for pastry, to be mixed with water, without animal derivatives, with which you can create many recipes, also in a vegan version, and still preserving all the goodness.
A real revolution that meets everyone's sensitivity without giving up the art of a good dessert.
The high protein concentration, combined with water, makes it possible to recreate the characteristics of egg white and its great whipping power.
In addition, the presence of leavening agents allows the dough to remain fragrant and elastic after baking.

2 Gluten Free 3 Palm Oil Free 5 Vegan OK 6 Halal Italia 7 Star-K Kosher
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