Zenzero Fabbri

Zenzero Fabbri crispy cuttlefish skewers

15 min

15 minutes + 5 of cooking

Zenzero Fabbri 600g
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Zenzero Fabbri crispy cuttlefish skewers Zenzero Fabbri crispy cuttlefish skewers


Serves 2 

  • 1 giant cuttlefish 
  • 20 g Zenzero Fabbri + 2 tablespoons of its syrup 
  • 4 tablespoons of soy sauce 
  • 50 g breadcrumbs 
  • 1 spring onion (green part) 
  • 1 sweet chilli 
  • toasted sesame seeds to taste. 
  • 1 lime 
  • bamboo skewers 



Toast the breadcrumbs in a frying pan. Chop the green part of the spring onion very finely together with the sweet chilli. 

  1. Combine the bread with the spring onion and chilli and a handful of sesame seeds. Add the Zenzero Fabbri nuggets, cut into small pieces for a more uniform taste, and the grated lime zest, then set the mixture aside. 

  2. In the meantime, clean the body of the cuttlefish and cut away the tentacles (to be used for another dish). Stick the bamboo skewers through the short side of the body of the cuttlefish and make crossways incisions across the entire surface of the cuttlefish, then cut it into skewers. 

  3. Prepare an emulsion by mixing the Zenzero Fabbri syrup with the soy sauce. Cook the skewers on a hot grill for 2 minutes, glazing them generously with the emulsion during cooking. 

  4. Lastly, drizzle lime juice over the skewers, then remove from the grill. Dip the skewers in the bread mixture set aside earlier and serve. Complete with Zenzero Fabbri pieces to taste. 

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