Zenzero Fabbri

Bresaola bites with Zenzero Fabbri and crunchy vegetables

15 minutes

Zenzero Fabbri 600g
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  • bresaola 
  • red and yellow tomatoes 
  • valerian 
  • carrot 
  • red pepper 
  • Zenzero Fabbri 
  • extra virgin olive oil 
  • salt 
  • pepper 
  • chives 



  1. Make a salad with thinly sliced cherry tomatoes, valerian, carrots and peppers and a few Zenzero Fabbri nuggets cut into thin strips; 

  2. Season with oil, salt, pepper and a little Zenzero Fabbri syrup. 

  3. Compose the bundles by placing the salad in the centre of the bresaola and fastening with a strand of chives.   

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