Amaretti semifreddo with Fabbri Kroccant

Amaretti semifreddo with Fabbri Kroccant

15 minutes


Ingredients (for an 18–20 cm long rectangular mould) 



Beat the 5 egg yolks with the sugar until frothy.  
Add 200 g of coarsely crumbled amaretti. 
Whip the cream and the egg whites to form stiff peaks and add them to the mixture, folding them in from the bottom to the top with a spatula. 
Line the mould with cling film and pour in the mixture. 
Freeze for at least 6 hours. 
Once this time has elapsed, turn the semifreddo out onto a serving plate, remove the cling film and garnish with Fabbri Kroccant, previously heated in a bain-marie. 
Cut the semifreddo into slices of 1 to 2 cm thick and serve immediately.