Soft Drinks & Cocktails

A concentrate of pure history,
taste and passion in a single glass

The versatility of Fabbri products makes your every wish come true, stimulating your creativity.

Fabbri has always been at the head of the Italian fine beverages movement, with its wide range of products for mixing and creating drinks suitable for any time of the day.

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Since the 1930s tastes have changed, as have both the occasions when we drink and the cultural reasons for drinking. From the pure flavour of its genuine ingredients to the refinement of its boldest molecular blends, Fabbri is key to an ever-changing modern tradition.

Our preparations contain the ideal ingredients to bring out the intense strong aroma of alcohol, but also to make the fruity sweetness and dry notes of soft drink preparations that much more enveloping.

When it comes to trends in flavour, Fabbri has always been at the forefront, introducing a number of innovations. In 1935, under the Fabbri family, Bologna’s Bar Centrale became a hub of creativity. The temple of Italian drinking, a place for experimentation where 24 hours a day patrons could try our products and the daily creations of the trend-setting ideas of the bartenders there. Since then, the world has changed and so too have our products. But Fabbri’s taste and style are still timeless.

With Fabbri, you’re spoiled for choice – you can make refreshing soft drinks, intriguing cocktails, original recipes and sweet indulgences. Choose a product and let your imagination run wild.

The Fabbri 1905 trademark is a guarantee of quality.


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Our worlds in yours
Amarena Fabbri
Amarena Fabbri

Our heart is made of Amarena syrup, in all its wonderful varieties, a byword for Italian excellence worldwide.

Coffee & Chocolate
Coffee & Chocolate

Inimitable aromas for a full,
soft, mouthfilling flavour. 
Add a touch of style and creativity with Fabbri.

Gelato and Desserts
Gelato and Desserts

When your imagination meets the Fabbri experience, the result is pure poetry! 

Soft Drinks & Cocktails
Soft Drinks & Cocktails

A concentrate of pure history,
taste and passion in a single glass.

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