Product lines
Base products for Vegan gelato

100% Vegan, for a responsible lifestyle. 

Base Mixes For Lemon Gelato

An intensely refreshing aromatic cream, to serve as is.

Base Mixes For Chocolate Gelato

From the best Dutch cocoa, a balanced and complete base.

Parfaits, Desserts And Hot-Process Gelato

In a single range, everything you need to give shape to your creativity.

Concentrated Flavouring Powders

Concentrated flavourings for all your gelato bases. 


Complete Bases For Soft-Ices

Four delicious flavours for an irresistible soft-serve gelato.

Ready-to-use Base Mix Powder

A balanced and complete range – make sure to try them.


Ready-to-use Base Mix Pastes

A long-lasting creamy soft-serve gelato.

Complete Base Powders

Many different variations on a single great product.

Simplé Yogurt

Hand-made creaminess, for an excellent yogurt-flavoured gelato. 

Simplé Cream Powders

A semifinished product in powder form, with excellent yield.

Simplé Cream Pastes

A balanced and complete product.

Simplé Fruit Powders

A versatile semi-finished product that is quick and easy to work with.

Simplé Fruit Pastes

Twenty-two flavours to delight your customers.


Simplé Gold

Natural flavourings and colourings for intense, rounded flavours.

Cocoa Powder

The best roasted cocoa: rounded, intense and truly top-quality.

Pasteurized Egg

A hygienically safe base for all your delicious creations.