Product lines
Crockolosi for the pastry chef

The sweetness that goes “crunch”.

Nutty for the pastry chef

Big flavour comes in small packages.

Liqueur Specialities

The finest fresh fruit in a blend of tradition and innovation.

Almond and Coconut paste

The perfect paste to make every recipe special. 

ConfetTua for jams and coulis

Transform fresh fruit into tasty jams and coulis.

Crêpes Base

Quality ingredients for irresistible crêpes.

Vegan Base

Create your base mix for a delicious vegan hand-made gelato. 

Frosting and Nappage for the pastry chef

Delicately flavoursome, clear and shiny.

Alcohol-free Syrups

Give your dessert more flavour with the aroma of Fabbri syrups.


A smooth and creamy mix with real fruit pieces.


Over 70 varieties of flavours, the perfect accompaniment for your dessert recipes.