Product lines
Delipaste Fruit CA

Strawberry and forest fruits: two flavours to win over customers’ hearts. 

Delipaste Special Blend

Hazelnut and pistachio: two mega-classics in a special version. 


A thick, velvety cream, with the rounded flavours of yesteryear. 

Delipaste Fruit EU

Perfect pastes for fruit sorbet and gelato. 


Cream and vanilla beans, the flavour with the 1000-year history.

Gianduja Hazelnut Cream

Gianduja Delipaste combines the pleasure of cocoa with the unique flavour of hazelnut. 

Creamy Hazelnuts

Vegan, creamy and rounded for a hazelnut worth discovering.


A flavour of many virtues: pistachio in five different combinations. 


Turn your gelato into a crunchy experience.

Delipaste Creams

In 23 different flavours, for delicious creamy gelato.


Five different flavours: hazelnuts have never been so good.