ConfetTua for jams and coulis

ConfetTua was designed specifically for making tasty fruit jams, preserves, jellies and coulis, with or without added sugar. This totally unique and innovative product can be used at any doses and in a ratio that goes all the way from 100 g to 1 kg of sugar per kilo of fruit. It contains no sugar, so it is an ideal choice for making jams with various types of sweetener (sucrose, stevia, fructose and others), perfect for the weight-conscious or for those with special nutritional needs. It protects fruit from oxidation, which can cause darkening, and can be used with any type of fruit or vegetable. A sachet of ConfetTua can provide up to 2 kg of jam. This gluten-free product is suitable for vegans.

packageKosherHalalVeganVegan OKPalm Oil Freeweight Kgweight kg/ctpcs/ctrecipedose for artisan gelatosoft-ice machinegluten freevegetable fatallergensuse
bagKH VOK 0,53  20 g for 1 kg of fruit yesno