Base Mixes For Lemon Gelato

This range of pre-flavoured powder mixes is specifically designed to make base mixtures to use in soft-ice distributors. Balanced and complete, easily cold-soluble, for a top-quality creamy soft-serve gelato. Create your own mix for delicious lemony hand-made gelato: everything’s quick and easy with Fabbri’s powder base mix.

Lemon L/G
packageKosherHalalVeganVegan OKPalm Oil Freeweight Kgweight kg/ctpcs/ctrecipedose for artisan gelatosoft-ice machinegluten freevegetable fatallergensuseType of aroma
bag     166g 50 + 1 L water + g 320 sugar + g 80 dextrose noyesnoEggscoldlemon