Pasticciotto Leccese

The Pasticciotto Leccese is a traditional sweet of Apulia, Southern Italy. It was created more than 500 years ago in honour of Saint Paul and is still a delicious tradition today.
It’s made with shortcrust pastry, custard and, in some versions, with an Amarena Fabbri black cherry inside.



  • 1 l white base
  • 70 g Nonna Rachele paste
  • 50 g fresh cream
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 150 g Fabbri Custard Preparation
  • 500 ml milk at room temperature
  • 50 g invert sugar
  • crumbled shortcrust pastry

For the Gelato

Mix the white base with Nonna Rachele paste, milk and salt, and place in the batch freezer.

For the Decoration

Mix the invert sugar, 500 ml of milk, and the Custard Preparation in a planetary mixer. Pour the mixture into a pastry bag and refrigerate.
Extract the Gelato from the batch freezer and add the cream and crumbled shortcrust pastry.