Black Forest Cake

Black Forest cake is a rich and delicious German chocolate sponge cake made with whipped cream and Amarena Fabbri wild cherries



1 l Fabbri Gran Cioccolato base
50 g Nonna Rachele paste
100 g fresh mascarpone (or Fabbri Mascarpone 40)
60 g whole milk
Drained Amarena Fabbri
Fabbri Kroccant
whipped cream for decoration

For the Gelato

Mix the Fabbri Gran Cioccolato base with Nonna Rachele paste, mascarpone and milk, and place in the batch freezer.

For the Decoration

Create whipped cream tufts on the Gelato and place an Amarena Fabbri on top of each one. Extract the Gelato from the batch freezer and fold in Fabbri Kroccant. Top with more Fabbri Kroccant and drained Amarena Fabbri, creating layers that hint at the cake’s typical shape. Complete with plenty of chocolate shavings placed vertically.