Rhum Babà 400

Rhum Babà 400


The Italian pastry shop meets the tradition ... together with the experience and the passion Fabbri: here are the famous Babà al Rum, ready to be enjoyed on any occasion and any month of the year! The exquisite Neapolitan specialty that becomes a great Italian classic, available as a precious gift or delicious dessert to be brought to the table at the end of the meal. Provide them with ice cream, semifreddi or pies, but let yourself be seduced by intense taste even after coffee.

Nutrition declaration
Average nutritional facts ​​per 100 ml

Energetic value1198 kJ / 284kcal

Saturated fat

1,5 g
0,9 g

of which sugars

55 %
40 %
Proteins1 g
Salt0,84 g
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Rhum Babà

These exquisite delicacies are one of the highlights of Italian patisserie, and Fabbri’s refined liqueur babas are ideal at any time of the day, perfect on their own or eaten with a coffee.