Marron Glaces 600 g

Marron Glaces 600 g


A practical 360 gram package that contains the soul of marron glaces to liqueur: Consistent, tasty and slightly alcoholic, are a real specialty you can serve on any occasion and in all seasons. Each piece is crafted with passion, quality and experience, guaranteeing the authentic and genuine flavor of a delight that senses senses and fantasy. They are great on their own, very good with ice cream or coffee, perfect as an ingredient or gourd cakes and creams.

Marron Glaces in Liquor Euro.
Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup-fructose, Brandy, water, flavourings.
To be consumed preferably by the date indicated below.

Nutrition declaration
Average nutritional facts ​​per 100 ml

Energetic value1252 kJ / 296kcal

Saturated fat

0,5 g
0 g

of which sugars

58 %
56 %
Proteins0,5 g
Salt0,05 g
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Fabbri Liqueur Specialities are the latest in a very long line: ever since 1905, these products have been undergoing a continuous evolution in flavour and style, which has led to constant growth in sales and leadership of the market.