Grappuva 500 g

Grappuva 500 g


Tradition meets the passion of Fabbri's home: Grappuva is perhaps the fruit of liquor par excellence, an indispensable delight for those who love to have a meal in the company - but why not even for a small cuddling cake - with a sweet note And slightly alcoholic. Great for enriching spicy cocktails, but also a perfect ingredient to renew your sweets or savor your favorite ice cream. Seeing is believing!

Grappuva Euro.
Ingredients: Sultana grapes (with preservative SULPHUR DIOXIDE), water, grappa, alcohol, sugar.
To be consumed preferably by the date indicated below.

Nutrition declaration
Average nutritional facts ​​per 100 ml

Energetic value1022 kJ / 244kcal

Saturated fat

0,5 g
0 g

of which sugars

29 %
29 %
Proteins1 g
Salt0,05 g
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Fabbri Liqueur Specialities are the latest in a very long line: ever since 1905, these products have been undergoing a continuous evolution in flavour and style, which has led to constant growth in sales and leadership of the market.