Couvette Amarena Fabbri 600 g + Book

Couvette Amarena Fabbri 600 g + Book


Dedicated to lovers of haute cuisine and Italian lifestyle. This original limited edition gift box contains a celebrated opalescent glass cuvette of Amarena and a book by the noted chef, food writer and Italian TV presenter, Csaba dalla Zorza. Let yourself be tempted by recipes and history, discover new and older flavours, together with 600 grams of inimitable Amarena, demi glacé and preserved in syrup according to the century-old Fabbri tradition.

Stoned wild cherries in heavy syrup. Gluten free.
Ingredients: sugar, wild cherries, sciroppo di glucosio, glucose syrup, water, wild cherry juice (4%), citric acid, flavourings, colour anthocyanins extracted from plants. May contain cherry stones, or cherry stone fragments. Product of Italy. 
Best before the date stamped on the guarantee seal.

Nutrition declaration
average nutrition facts per 100 g

Energy1160 kJ / 273 kcal

of which sugars

67 g
61 g
Salt0.03 g

Contains negligible amounts of fat, saturated fats, and protein

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Amarena Fabbri

Amarena Fabbri syrup is the heart of a company that has a great story to tell. Unique and inimitable, this syrup is made from the finest, most carefully-selected fruits, pitted and then candied in the syrup.
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Amarena Fabbri take away packaging

Amarena Fabbri syrup, the company’s symbol, is a byword for delicious sweetness. Pop one into your mouth and enjoy the traditional flavour of Italian childhood, mixed with a pinch of imagination – your customers will simply love it.