Certifications, lifestyles, consumers’ needs

We are fully committed to safety,
flavour and nutritional goodness. 

We are fully committed to safety, flavour and nutritional goodness.

Fabbri is geared towards looking after the individual. Our products are made with wholesome ingredients, while our processes show respect for the lifestyle and culture of every single one of our consumers. We express the very best of Italian design, while keeping a careful eye out for everyone’s potential food intolerance/ sensitivity, culture and traditions.

Our certifications for you
UNI EN ISO 14001

The Bologna-based Company obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification after joining the Confindustria Charter of Environmental Sustainability Principles. Confindustria is the Association representing all manufacturing and service companies in Italy. This certification shows that the company has implemented suitable systems to control the environmental impact of its activities. This certification covers the following areas: research and development, production, marketing of syrups and drinks, sauces and confectionery decorations, products in alcoholic preparations, sour cherries and candied fruit, raw materials and compound ingredients for ice cream and pastry, through mixing phases, heat and mechanical processing, refrigeration and packaging (EA3)

Lactose Free

Lactose intolerance is now a rather widespread phenomenon, and it can be hard to find foodstuffs to meet the needs of sufferers. Fabbri 1905 is fully committed to the research and development of new products: discover our range of 420 lactose-free products on the certification list.

Gluten Free

Are you gluten-intolerant? Come into the Fabbri world and discover a whole range of gluten free products for a relaxed and carefree lifestyle. You’ll be able to make any recipe you like without sacrificing flavour or imagination. Look for the «Gluten Free» sticker and find out which Fabbri products for coeliac sufferers are on the certification list.
A selection of our products can also be found in the 2016 issue of the Prontuario AIC degli Alimenti (in Italian): find out more at

Vegan Products
Vegan Vegan OK
Vegan Products

Veganism is a philosophy of life, based on awareness and respect, a pathway towards becoming part of a world full of positive energy. If you too have chosen to respect animals and the environment, the Fabbri world has just the right products for you.

Halal Italia
Halal Italia
Halal Italia

Italian design is for everyone. Something to do with Italy’s tradition of hospitality. If you’re a Muslim consumer, you can find lots of halal-certified products from Fabbri. Halal means “permissible” and is synonymous with ethical. Fabbri takes care of people who need guarantees to protect their special dietary requirements, as in the Islamic tradition. Ingredients and production processes are monitored according to the Halal Italia certification body’s strict quality standards. Discover our halal-certified products in the downloadable list.

Kosher (Star-K/Star-D)
Star-K Kosher Star-D Kosher
Kosher (Star-K/Star-D)

The Hebrew term Kosher means “suitable” and is used to describe the set of dietary laws governing Jewish food. If you follow Kosher rules, with Fabbri products you will be able to make any recipe you like safely, respecting Jewish traditions.

ISO 9001 ISO 9001
ISO 9001

Back in 1905, passion for what is tasteful drove Gennaro Fabbri to take the first steps in the confectionary sector, founding his Bolognese company. From that moment, Fabbri 1905 has been committed to maintaining the high level of authenticity of its products. The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Fabbri 1905 conformity certification is proof of a production process that complies with regulations, is qualitatively commendable and reliable through time.


In recent years, even large organised distribution has been the international promoter of specific hygiene-quality standards, requesting that is own suppliers apply these standards. In fact, BRC and IFS are the operational instruments most commonly used to qualify and select suppliers.

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is the global standard for agricultural and food safety, showing that the company has implemented all reasonable measures to prevent accidents. This certification is also proof that the company is committed to safety, quality and the respect of the regulations that govern the agricultural and food sector.


Similarly, the International Food Standard (IFS) is an international standard that qualifies and selects suppliers of food products, allowing the GDO to verify the qualitative levels of products and to guarantee the authenticity of the products it sells.

The requisites for these certifications refer to the quality management systems, to the HACCP methodology, and to a set of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) requirements.

To increase the safety of its own clients and consumers and to offer further guarantee of the quality of its products and production systems, Fabbri 1905 has adhered to these standards, obtaining both certifications (BRC and IFS) with flying colours.