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Special report: “How to make gelato” – Semi-manufactured products for italian gelato and raw materials

The preparation of italian gelato takes time, care and attention. Anyone who has decided to become a gelato-maker would be wise to sign up for a professional training course as well as working alongside an experienced italian gelato-maker for a while. With this special report, “How to make gelato”, we aim to offer an outline, rather than a complete explanation, of the phases needed to create good quality italian gelato. In this first article we will look at the choice of semi-manufactured products for italian gelato and raw materials.

Special report: “Opening an artisan gelato shop” – what type of premises?

Are you thinking of going into the artisan gelato business? Then you must be planning a series of strategic activities which will lead to you becoming a successful gelato shop owner. These include the choice of premises and the choice of ingredients for your artisan gelato – products which will make running a gelato shop easy. You will probably be attending a course to train as a gelato maker, and many other things. This first issue of the special report about “Opening an artisan gelato shop” will provide an example of many different aspects to consider when choosing the type of shop to open. If you want more detailed information or any help about opening your new business, send us an email and our expert will contact you as soon as possible.