Teaching staff: Italian design in the classroom

The courses we hold at Scuola Fabbri are taught by top professionals in the gelato, patisserie and mixed drinks world, all of whom have years of teaching experience.
Sonia Balacchi

Sonia Balacchi

Head of Fabbri Master Class
World Champion Pastry 2012

Alessandro Cattani

Alessandro Cattani

Corporate Heade
Brand Ambassador

Gelateria Team
Pietro Netti

Fabbri trainer and consultant for gelato parlours and patisseries.

Marco Bettini

Fabbri consultant for gelato parlour technique.

Daniele Giannotti

He has been working for Fabbri as a gelato and cold pastry technician and demonstrator for 4 years.

Rosa Pinasco

Gelato craftswoman and owner of a gelato parlour in Genoa.

Franco Toso

Expert in technical innovation and product development for the European market.

Patisserie Team
Marco Alocci

A patissier by trade, he loves research and innovation. 

Domenico Costanza

Fabbri technician since 2007.

Mario Graditi

Fabbri Technician since 2015, making patisserie, gelato and vegan pastries.

Fabio Lopez

Fabbri technician since 2016 as a pastry-maker.

Barman Team
Alessandro Cattani

Corporate Heade
Brand Ambassador

Vittorio Agosti

Fabbri 1905 Brand Ambassador from 2003.